We know it’s hard to keep track of your project in its entirety, and sometimes it’s hard to cope with the information exchange delaying its development. We pledge to ensure the quality and integrity of all projects taken, as well as customer’s requirements, and our partners play a critical role for the effectiveness of our work.


myGengo | Simple human translation


Content translation is an essential stage when implementing a global business, and we’ll ensure it will reach its highest level. We have support from native language professionals, certified translators, ensuring your content reliability in a foreign language with flawless grammar and syntax. Don’t rely on machine translation services, and strive to raise your potential.

Web Hosting

Lote Digital | Web Hosting, Domain Register

Lote Digital

Allow your company to have a website online hosted with high standards of security, reliability and performance. You’ll have access to a powerful online interface to manage and monitor your website wherever you are, anytime.

Domain names registration: your Domain is the name of your company on the internet, your brand. Its use is wide and is related with websites access, but also email, messaging, intranet and peer-to-peer. Get more visibility and business opportunities!