Despertar Consciências

Despertar Consciências, “The Awakening Consciousnesses”, is a non-profit association that reinforces the need to educate, sensitize and raise awareness among citizens of today and tomorrow, , to the more urgent ecological issues of our time and that are present with us in our daily life. Its principle is to ensure that the education provided is accessible to any class, any age and any level of education, thus trying to insert a stratum of the population that is often alienated from society today.

As we worked on the identity it became clear that the end result should constitute a visualization of consciousness and environment. We wanted to conceive a visual metaphor that could formally translate formally the association goal and its name. It evolved to a growing tree whose crown has the shape of a brain. On the business cards for environmental issues we have decided not to use ink, and represent the logo through a bas-relief. We’ve also designed the website, featuring all the workshops available and all you want to know about the association. You can also donate through the website, privately or through your company thus obtaining tax benefits in return.

‘With the inherent generosity of those who believe, Padua Studio blessed us with his work, a balm for the progress of Despertar Consciências – Associação Ambiental. We think we’ve created bonds with this designers that contributed to both our environmental and social causes. Thank you.’ – Raquel Granja


Despertar Consciências - Associação Ambiental Project:  Identity, Collateral, Website
Designer:  Ricardo Padua Programmer:  Ricardo Padua
2010 Art Direction
Branding & Identity
Cause-related Marketing
Content Development
Website Design