Mundo Secreto

Mundo Secreto is a teenage, happy, positive and forward thinking hip hop band. This is their second album. Diogo, one of the MC’s, is also an illustrator and worked with us on this project. He had already developed some basic ideas and we’ve taken a couple of them as a starting point. The photo shooting turned out to be really relaxed, which is not very common specially when there are so many people to be featured in the pictures. One of the pictures really reflects the sound and mood of this album, and since their previous artwork was an illustration, everybody agreed that should be the cover. We added some illustrations and took different elements from the song titles and made little icons out of them. The cover proposed is the first one you can see, from the left, and everybody was happy. Except the label. After much fuss, the band decided to reduce the front cover to a minimum. And the rest is history…

‘Mundo Secreto is a band with an imagination so stark that sometimes even the very elements cannot project into reality what they have in their head. So, since the cure for madness is madness, we found our answer in a designer named Ricardo Padua. For us it was a pleasure to discuss, think, create and destroy concepts alongside our Friend. He made it possible to get out what we thought that would be the language of our new work. There is a clear distinction between a good and a bad designer: You can work with a bad one once, but with the good one you’ll keep up with the good work. That’s what we want.’ – Mundo Secreto


iPlay Project:  CD Cover, Promo Photos

Art Director:  Ricardo Padua Designer:  Ricardo Pádua Photographer:  Pedro Lobo Illustrator:  Diogo Moreira, Ricardo Padua
2009 Advertising
Art Direction
Concept Development
Creative Design