Search Megazine

Search Megazine is a free cultural monthly publication, which includes a roadmap, a schedule of shows and nightlife, interviews and articles on music, film, art, fashion, internet, etc..

Search serves the cities of Lisbon and Porto, with regional content of national interest. Has a controlled distribution of 10,000 copies in each city via a circuit of 150 locations per city.

We’ve started from the concepts of ‘search’, ‘research’, ‘seek’, ‘lost’ and ‘direction’, to develop a series of photographs that later integrated into mixed media illustrations. We intended to reflect the mix of traditional and alternative realities that mirrors the contents of this magazine.

‘Ricardo Pádua is an excellent creative, someone you can easily work and get different and fresh material for your project.’ – Eduardo Pereira, Editor-in-Chief

Search Megazine Project:  Magazine Cover

Designer:  Ricardo Padua Photographer:  Ricardo Padua Illustrator:  Ricardo Padua Model:  Tiago Gomes, Raquel Granja
2004 Art Direction
Concept Development
Creative Design