Renko charts are price charts with rising and falling diagonal lines of boxes that are either filled or hollow. Renko charts are “time independent” charts that do not have constantly spaced time axes. The word “Renko” comes from “Renga”, the Japanese word for “brick”. The filled and hollow squares that make up a Renko chart are often referred to as “bricks”. This was our starting point to develop Renkos identity.

Renkos is a web portal dedicated to private and collective insolvencies search, with continuous online updating.

It has a dedicated search engine, unique in the market, enabling identification of insolvency by name, entity, NIPC / NIF, Case No. and date.

The information is provided free of charge, without implying any commitment from the user.

Renkos Project:  Database Consulting
Designer:  Ricardo Padua Programmer:  Padua Studio, Ricardo Padua, Anwar, Plomg00
2013 Branding & Identity
Website Design