Lucios – Engenharia e Construção

Lucios develops its line of business in the area of residential, industrial, trade and services, sports and leisure, maintenance and rehabilitation construction in both private and public works, working also in the residential real estate promotion business for the high and medium-high segments.

Lucios’ clients are divided between public entities, such as Town and Parish Councils, Public Institutes, Schools, Universities, etc, and private entities, such as residential, trade and services and industrial real estate agents, as well as private customers.

Inside the facilities, next to the administrative offices, the concrete station and the warehouses, where carpentry and metalwork happen, we found areas of daily and frequent use that were mischaracterized and without functionality, dead places that discouraged the employees and, in a way, separated and emphasized the cleavage between the office staff and the rest of the workers.

The company proposed the rehabilitation of these spaces using nothing but photographs so that these non-places became pleasant and all the employees could feel equally integrated.

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of Lucios major concerns. Despite not having a formalized internal project, it has always been a concern of the founding family, involving all employees, and covering many different areas, from Solidarity to Education and Environment, from Sports to Culture. We were provided access to the photo archive of internal actions and we’ve used photos of all employees and administrative staff side by side, in an environment of relaxation and celebration in many photographic mosaics, thus fulfilling the purpose of our intervention.

Grupo Azevedo's, S.A.
Designer:  Luisa Padua, Ricardo Padua Producer:  Nuno Guedes
2011 Art Direction
Environmental Design